The prepaid rate to pay for what you speak.

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20,00 €

Data sheet

Credit included 10€
Internet Speed 4G+
Size of the SIM 3&1 (Mini+Micro+Nano)
Customer Support: 1004 MOVISTAR
Balance inquiry: *133#
expiration without recharging (months) 6
Roaming limit: Unlimited

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The prepaid rate to pay for what you speak

National calls:
To landlines and mobiles at 6cts / min. Stab Call: 30 cts (VAT included).
You can also contract the Talk + bonus with 60min. For only € 5
From 1.21 cent. / Min. Stab. Call from 21.78 cents (VAT included), according to destination country.
You can also contract the International Bonus 100 with 100min. to 50 countries for only € 6.
Mobile Internet:
To browse on time you can sign up for a Navega + Bonus with 1 GB for just € 5 or an Extra 200MB Bonus with 200MB for just € 2.
To browse more, contract the Prepaid Rate 5 with 10GB, which also includes 20 minutes for national calls.
In case you do not have any of these options, browse to apply the Daily Internet Rate, 400MB for € 4 on the days you connect.
Without Commitment:
With the Habla 6 prepaid card you will have no fees or recharge commitment.
EU Roaming:
Browse and call with the same conditions of your national rate in countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
Frequent questions:
Can I navigate with the Habla 6 rate?
No. In order to browse you can sign up for a Browse + Bonus with 1Gb for € 5 or an Extra 200MB Bonus for just € 2 or, failing that, you will surf with the Daily Internet Rate (400MB / € 4).
Does the Talk 6 Rate also include international calls?
Yes. You can call landlines and mobiles with national origin and international destination in more than 40 countries from 1.21 cents / minute plus an international call establishment from 21.78 cents (VAT included), depending on destination country.
How can I check my balance?
You can check the balance of your line by calling 2266 (and marking option 2 on the menu) at a cost of 18.15 cts. (VAT included) by consultation.
With the automatic balance notification service, you will receive a message with information about the available balance and its validity every time you end a call with cost. This service has a fee of 0.75 cts./4 weeks. Now the first installment is free!
Remember that you can check all the details of your line movements (calls, SMS, top-ups, etc.) in the private area of ​​ or in our application.
What does EU Roaming include?
EU roaming includes calls and SMS to and from any country in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and data traffic originating in these countries. Prices and conditions will be the same as those specified for national traffic. International calls and messages, calls directed to special rate and additional rate numbers (905, 80X), roaming (Zone 2, Zone 3 and Special Coverages) are excluded.
Do I need to recharge to be able to speak at 6 cents / minute?
This rate has no recharge commitment. From the moment of activation of the rate, you can speak at any time and with any national operator at 6 cents / minute.
Is the Talk 6 rate compatible with data rates?
Yes. The Talk 6 rate is compatible with the new Prepaid rates, which includes minute and GB franchises improving the conditions of the Talk 6 rate.
• Prepaid 5, which includes 20 minutes to talk to national landlines and mobiles and in EU roaming and 5 GB to navigate at maximum speed, with 4G + for € 10/28 days.
Is the Talk 6 rate compatible with the Extra Prepaid Bonuses?
Yes. If you have the Talk 6 rate and want to navigate on time or expand your data franchise, you can contract the Navega + Bonus (1GB for € 5 / validity for 28 days) or the Extra 200Mb Bonus (200MB for € 2 / validity for 7 days). You can hire as many extra bonuses as you need, franchises accumulate renewing their validity since the last hire.
And if you want to make intensive use of calls, you can sign up for the new Talk + Bonus (60 minutes for € 5 / valid for 28 days).
Is it compatible with the International Bond 100?
Yes. Although the Rate Talk 6 has by default very good prices on international calls, with the International Bonus 100 you can still adjust the price more, since it is a bonus oriented to more intense use.