3GB at 4G speed. 150 minutes of national calls to landlines and mobiles. Roaming and international calls in all the countries of the European Union as if you were in Spain.

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15,00 €

Data sheet

Credit included FIRST MONTH
Internet 3 GB
Internet Speed 4G+
Size of the SIM 3&1 (Mini+Micro+Nano)
Customer Support: 2376 LLAMAYA
Balance inquiry: *113#
expiration without recharging (months) 6
minutes (national) 150
Renewal cost: 5€
Flat rate duration: 28 days

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Your cheap prepaid rate: PLAN 3GB PREPAID.
The prepaid rate you were looking for! A combination of data and minutes to call with which to enjoy your mobile phone as much as you want. Also, at the best possible price.

Check out our cheapest prepaid rate and discover everything it can offer you, which is more than you imagine! To start with, 150 minutes in calls that you can make whenever you want, to mobile phones and national landlines.

If you use every minute, you can keep calling with our rate at the lowest possible price. Calls cost the same to national mobiles and landlines, that is, € 0.07 / minute and € 0.29 for call establishment.

Once you activate this prepaid rate, it remains for the next 28 days and is self-renewing, provided you have a balance.


4G quality mobile browsing
The best of our cheap prepaid rate? That it serves you for what you want! You have 150 minutes to call your contacts when you need to. But you can also browse with your mobile.

You have a 3GB package every month. Ideal for viewing emails, writing WhatsApp or even browsing your social networks. In addition, you will do it enjoying as in all our mobile telephone rates, the best 4G Internet connection technology.

If you pass all the data before the rate renewal ends, you can continue browsing at a minimum price of € 0.05 / MB.



Duration and renewal:
Voucher valid for 28 days from activation and auto-renewable as long as there is a balance available.
If you want to activate it again, make sure you have enough balance and send an SMS to 2377 with the word: LLYALTA3GB

This rate has no permanence.

Roaming and international calls:
Call and use your data in all the countries of the European Union as if you were in Spain. Check data rates and roaming calls when using your mobile in other countries. For international calls from Spain to other countries, check our international rates. You can also add a Bonus for international calls.

Costs not included:
SMS: you have 10 SMS / month included. Then the cost of SMS to national numbers is € 0.108 VAT incl. and € 0.133 VAT incl. to international numbers.

Calls to special numbers: calls to special rate numbers (901, 902, 70X, etc ...) are not included, check the rates.

Unlimited national calls to Llamaya 4G: from Llamaya 4G numbers to Llamaya 4G numbers, a correct use policy of 5,000 min applies. The price if you exceed them is € 0.07 / min and € 0.29 call establishment.

Limitations on the use of roaming in the European Economic Area:

You already know that your mobile rate is valid both in Spain and on your trips to any country in the European Union and associated countries (see details). However, to avoid abuse, rules are put in place that limit the very intensive or permanent use of roaming .

What is considered abusive roaming use in the EEA?
According to European regulation, there are several types of use that are considered abusive and that imply an additional charge for the use of the mobile phone while roaming EEE (European Economic Area). Basically, it will be considered that you carry out an abusive use if you meet the following condition:

Your consumption and your roaming presence is prevalent over your consumption and national presence in the last four months.

To be better understood, your roaming usage in EEA in the last four months is observed, and it is verified if the following two conditions are met simultaneously:

The consumption of voice, data or SMS while roaming in the EEA is higher than the consumption in Spain.
The number of days of exclusive presence in EEE roaming is greater than the number of days with presence in Spain
Remember that we will never begin to apply additional charges in roaming without having sent you a warning SMS. This surcharge will never be applied to the consumption made before this notice, it will only be applied for future roaming use.

How do I know if I am roaming abusively in the EEA?
If we detect that your use of roaming in the European Economic Area violates LLAMAYA's reasonable use policy, according to regulation approved by the EU, we will send you an SMS notifying you.

From that moment on, you will have 2 weeks to change your usage pattern, that is, to make reasonable use of EEE roaming again. This means that in those 14 days after receiving the notification SMS, you must have had a greater presence and consumption in Spain than in EEE roaming.

If your usage pattern in the 14 days has changed, you will receive an SMS confirming that you are still within reasonable use of roaming, and therefore, you will continue to use your national rate when roaming in the EEA.
If not, you will receive another SMS that will alert you to the start of additional charges for your data consumption while roaming. Your additional consumption will be billed as follows (VAT not included).
€ 0.35 per additional MB
€ 0.032 per minute of voice call made
€ 0.01 per SMS
That is, if after receiving this SMS, you continue to consume, you will be charged.

Some examples of data usage:
Check your facebook wall for 1 minute: 1 MB
Share 3 photos on Instagram: 1MB
A song on Spotify: between 2MB and 9MB
Whastapp - 1 audio of 1 minute: 6 MB
When will I be able to use my EEA roaming rate again without additional charges?
At the beginning of each month, we will review your roaming usage pattern again, to verify that it is no longer abusive, in which case, we will send you an SMS to notify you of the end of the extra charges. From that moment on, you can reuse your rate in the EEA at no additional cost.

If roaming consumption is maintained outside the reasonable use policy, surcharges will continue to apply in the pricing of data roaming in the EEA.

When I have a surcharge in roaming in EEA, do I spend my national rate?
No. During the time that an extra cost is being applied to you for roaming use in the EEA, for abusive use, only what you consume in Spain will subtract from your national rate.

Does the surcharge affect all my lines?
No, the surcharge only applies to the lines that have made the consumption considered abusive.

If I go on summer vacation to an EEA country, can I get abusive?
Don't worry, these limits are designed to avoid exclusive or very intensive roaming uses. The regulation is intended for all EU citizens to travel safely in the European Economic territory, but not for a prevalent use in a country other than yours.

If I am going to live in a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) such as Italy, could I pay a surcharge for the use of my rate?
Yes. If your stay in an EEA country is going to be long, then you may receive warnings for abusive roaming consumption. In that case, and for example in the use of data, if you do not return to Spain, you would have to pay for the data consumed in Italy at 0.35 euro cents for each MB consumed (VAT included). 1GB in roaming will cost you € 3.5 (VAT not included).

If I travel outside the EEA, do these limitations apply to me?
No. All these conditions apply only in countries where the national rate can be used at no additional cost. In non-EEA countries, the price of roaming is priced according to the agreements.


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