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20,00 €

Data sheet

Credit included 10€
minutes (international) 400
Internet 25 GB
Internet Speed 4G+/5G
Size of the SIM 3&1 (Mini+Micro+Nano)
Customer Support: 1470
Balance inquiry: *111#
Network ORANGE
expiration without recharging (months) 6
minutes (national) 400

More info

Free balance until 01/31:

15GB direct when registering. Additional to the GB of your rate.
In addition, with each recharge for an amount of €10 or more, an additional 15GB. You must accept the prize by replying OK to the SMS you receive or by entering your customer area. You have 28 days to use it!
Additionally, if you recharge online, you get an additional 20% balance.
The gigabytes will be activated automatically after registration and in the case of recharging, the prize must be accepted.
You have 28 days to use the additional gigabytes Promotion valid until January 31, 2022.
10 GB cumulative:

10 GB cumulative at 4G speed, of which you can use in roaming up to 7 GB. The gigabytes that you have not consumed are accumulated so that you can enjoy them the following month, for this you only have to renew your quota every 28 days.
400 national and international minutes:

For calls from Spain to mobiles and landlines in: Spain, Germany, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, USA, France, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia , Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Singapore, Sweden and landlines of: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile , Croatia, Slovenia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Paraguay, Switzerland and Venezuela.
You can call a maximum of 50 different destinations per month.
If you do not renew the fee due to not having enough balance, your calls will cost 25 cents.€/min.
Excluding special rate services (80x, 90x and premium SMS/MMS).
Free calls from World to World:
Your calls from World to World from Spain will be free for 4 weeks up to a maximum of 3,000 minutes.
Accumulation of gigabytes:

The gigabytes that you have not consumed are accumulated so that you can enjoy them the following month, for this you only have to renew your quota every 28 days.
The accumulated gigabytes can be used during the following 28 days.
The accumulation of gigabytes is valid from 04/11/2021 and is applicable to all rates with a fee, both for current customers and for new customers.
The accumulated gigabytes are always used first and then the gigabytes of the rate and bonuses.
The accumulated gigabytes can be used for 28 days.
If you do not renew the bonus on the day of automatic renewal, the accumulated amount is lost. Take a good look at the day your bonus should be renewed and make sure you have a balance on that day, because if you go overboard and renew it on another date, you will no longer be able to recover the accumulated gigabytes.
If you renew early and your rate has gigabytes pending consumption, these cannot be accumulated
When going from prepaid to contract, the accumulated gigabytes are lost.
With Roaming in the European Union:

With this rate you can use up to 7 GB to browse from any country in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein and Norway. The calls received while Roaming in the EU will be free, as well as the voicemail messages you receive. If you consume the available gigabytes of your rate while roaming in zone 1, the average regulated price will be applied, which is currently €0.0025/MB. The minutes of your rate are valid from any country in zone 1 for calls to Spain.
How the fee works:

To start enjoying your rate, you will only have to make an initial load of balance on your card when you receive it. When you have enough balance, your rate will be activated and you will have all the benefits for the next 28 days.
You can check all the details of your consumption by entering the My Orange customer area.
Every 4 weeks, your megabytes and minutes are renewed so that you can continue browsing in a big way from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, as long as you have enough balance, and we always notify you beforehand with an SMS.
If you use up your data within four weeks, you can renew your gigabytes by sending a free SMS to 1470 with the following text: GB MINI.
If you exceed the contracted gigabytes before 4 weeks, you will continue browsing although at a lower speed (16 kb/s).
If you are not yet a customer and want to choose this rate, send a free SMS to 1470 with the following text: HIGH MINI.
If you do not renew your quota due to a lack of balance, the out-of-benefit navigation charge will be activated at a price of €0.60 / 10 MB.
Rate valid from September 27, 2020.